Raising Money for Operation Santa Claus

Sunday 09th December 2018

The idea of Santa Hash is to raise money for local charity via the Operation Santa Claus (OSC) Appeal organised by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) Radio 3. In view of this, SCMP generally send a reporter and a photographer to the event and a picture, with a small write up, appears within the newspaper in the following week. Examples from previous years can be seen in the SCMP Articles section of this website.

Open Letter to Potential Sponsors

Santa Hash 2018 (SH18) is where all the Hash House Harrier groups of Hong Kong come together to raise money for charity. It is our way of giving something back to our home of Hong Kong.

Once again, SH18 is supporting Operation Santa Claus (OSC) organised by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) & Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), an appeal we have been involved with since its creation. Last year, Santa Hash 2017 raised over HK$60,000. In other recent years, Santa Hash 2016 raised over HK$**,***, Santa Hash 2015 raised over HK$50,000 and Santa Hash 2014 raised over HK$70,000, including HK$25,000 from the '12 Hashes of Christmas' organised by Moonie & Tin Tin from Sek Kong H3.

In order to raise as much money as possible SH17 is looking for sponsors to support us. Typically such fundraising comes from companies, as well as some of the bars and restaurants frequented by the different Hong Kong Hash groups. Sponsorship is generally in the form of a cash donation but may include special offers or dinner vouchers etc. for the raffle. In recognition of their support the sponsors are provided with the opportunity of having their logo added to the SH16 advertising and banners specially designed for the event. All funds collected will go to OSC with the days expenses covered by SH17 via Hash Cash fees collected from the attending hashers. Individuals are also more than welcome to make a personal donation.

The organisers of SH18 would very much appreciate it if your company would consider sponsoring the event. While we will naturally accept any contribution, a minimum sponsorship amount of HK$2000 is requested to secure a place for your logo on the event merchandise. The following Sponsors are being sought:

  • Main Sponsors: HK$5,000: Larger company logo will be incorporated in the advertising, banners etc.

  • General Sponsors: HK$2,000: Company logo will be incorporated in the advertising, banners, etc.

  • Individual Sponsors: HK$500 plus will secure a Santa Hash Free Entry and a big thank you!

If you are willing to sponsor the event we will require an electronic copy of your logo on or before Driday, 02 November 2018 so that we have enough time to finalise the design and order the merchandise.

You are of course also welcome to come along on the day and see what it is all about, as is anyone else in your company; Free Entry for two only though!

We trust this gives you an outline of what we are planning but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to enquire. Full details of OSC, with details of Beneficiaries for 2018, are available on request.

All cheques should be made out to "SCMP Charities Ltd - Operation Santa Claus" with your address (for sending a receipt) and "Santa Hash" written on the back.

Remember, all donations to OSC of at least HK$100 will be Hong Kong Tax Free.


We are happy to recognise the companies and individuals who have supported us previously with sponsorship, services and raffle donations. These are:

  • AK Partners

  • Alatas Hong Kong Crane Services

  • BrandHK

  • Canny Man

  • Carnegies

  • E.C.Harris

  • Enthone

  • Fujitsu

  • Green Island International

  • Gourmet House

  • JoJo's Indian Restaurant

  • Joe Bananas

  • La Terrasse

  • Old China Hand

  • Queen Victoria

  • Sabah Malaysian Cuisine

  • Schoggi Meier

  • Shaffi's Indian Restaurant

  • Spicy Fingers

  • Spot Products

  • Thales

  • The Wanch

Thank you!

Hash Groups

The following Hash Groups are thanked for their continued support, in alphabetical order:

  • Hong Kong Hash House Babes

  • Free China H3

  • Hong Kong Friday H3

  • Hong Kong H3

  • Kowloon H3

  • Ladies Hong Kong H3

  • Little Sai Wan H3

  • Northern New Territories H3

  • Royal South Side H3

  • Sai Kung Saturday H3

  • Sek Kong H3

  • South Lantau H3

  • T8 (The Dangerous) H3

  • Wanchai H3

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